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3028 NE Sandy Blvd Portland, OR 97232
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Hollywood Beverage

 About Us

We believe we have the best staff of any liquor store in the state - from a friendly smile to a help out with your purchase, the staff at Hollywood Beverage will ensure your shopping experience is enjoyable.  

With over 24 years of service and deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq, Dan proudly serves in the Oregon National Guard.

Great Customer Service
Conveniently located in the geographic center of Portland, Hollywood Beverage was the first liquor store established in Oregon following prohibition in 1934.

Under new ownership since 2008, Hollywood Beverage has consistently been one of the fastest growing stores in the state. We feature an extensive collection of vodkas, tequilas, scotches and showcases all spirits distilled in Oregon and the NW.

Come join us on most Fridays and Saturdays from 4-7pm for in-store tastings of new and exciting offerings from our distillery partners!

The store is open late on weekends and even on Sunday for your convenience!  

We also carry a wide assortment of popular mixer brands including Freshies, The Garlic Lady, Demitri's, Dr Swami & Bone Daddy and many others.

Let our friendly staff assist you in finding everything to make the perfect cocktail.